This is a wonderful veterinary office. The staff is always very friendly and the office space itself is always kept incredibly clean! They’ve got coffee and water if you’re in need of a quick pick me up. The location is pretty central to town in a shopping plaza, so there is ample parking. Also next to a small pet store where you can grab some essentials if need be (or a new kitten)!

Ashley N.

I couldn’t be happier with my choice to go with Sierra Veterinary Care to be the caregivers for my new puppy. She even gets excited when we pull up to the building.

K. G.

I am very cautious with the type of care petee gets. Courtney Cook is an amazing veterinarian and was very patient with all the questions we had and answered all of them thoroughly. This veterinarian makes me want to stay in this town just so petee my English bulldog gets proper care. If your passing thru this town or even a resident with a pet in need of care. Courtney and the rest of the Sierra Vetinary staff will show the care and attention your pet needs.

Pierre P.

Wonderful, caring staff! Conveniently located and great office hours to accommodate working schedules.
Thanks so much!

Tia K.

New to the area and this was our first visit. Dr Courtney Cook was so friendly and knowledgeable. Glad I chose Sierra Vet Clinic!

Cristy F.